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 Post subject: Version 1.30.9511.789
PostPosted: April 5th, 2011, 1:38 pm 
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Download: installer 5.0 MB
Download: ZIP archive of installer 5.0 MB

Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5
Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5 SP1

issue #19 (add): Select multiple items on media list
issue #54 (fix): Media Organizer auto-rename cannot handle double episode TV shows
issue #80 (add): Trailers and XBMC
issue #130 (add): Re-scan for missing data - TV
issue #211 (fix): Movie renaming actions is not renaming existing trailers
issue #237 (fix): EZTV.it performs SxEE search for daily-airing shows
issue #246 (fix): application freeze possibility during auto-scan fetching
issue #250 (fix): Exception: Parameter is not valid at System.Drawing.Image.get_RawFormat()
issue #286 (fix): The genre result came out as a long html script
issue #302 (fix): Auto Download trailers constantly loop
issue #313 (fix): Auto Rename doesn't pick up the title.
issue #324 (fix): Problems showing/renaming "[Rec] (2007)" and "[Rec] 2 (2009)"
issue #363 (fix): New Artwork Manager pop up in 1.28b freezes in XP on first run
issue #376 (add): Option to create .tag file based on current meta data and cover image
issue #393 (fix): Auto rename files and folders for all movies throws exception and stops
issue #401 (fix): Alternative Fetcher Plugins (backdrop fetcher) are not called when IMDB input method is used
issue #405 (fix): Default filename for 7MC recorded TV causes parse error
issue #410 (fix): download parser adds extra overrides if no series present
issue #413 (fix): Capitalization
issue #417 (add): Child window steals focus
issue #419 (add): Check for only know media file extensions
issue #422 (add): Comma's in Folder Names
issue #425 (fix): Blue Cover art being made for Windows MC Library instead of proper cover art
issue #436 (fix): TV episode thumbnails fails hard!
issue #438 (fix): Media List - Stuck series when filtered
issue #440 (fix): Auto-download TV Shows not receiving any results from EZTV
issue #442 (fix): CTRL-X does not cut in the filter list - it closed the app!
issue #443 (add): add an option to toggle Netgear's implementation of ID3 TLEN
issue #444 (fix): Trailer downloader closing.
issue #452 (fix): Crash when I try to expand TV series ripped as DVD
issue #453 (fix): Meta data not automatically populated in filename
issue #454 (fix): Netgear NTV 500 tags often incomplete (missing embedded cover image)
issue #456 (fix): When fetching from auto download folder the following file name returned an error "X2[2003]DvDrip-aXXo.avi"
issue #457 (fix): Resize Down Button replacing with a blue image
issue #461 (add): hide locked media titles
issue #463 (fix): add-TV wizard using ID causes "folder already exists" error (folder doesn't exist)
issue #465 (add): batch tool to download/recheck for missing banners/backgrounds/posters of TV series.
issue #466 (fix): AdultDVDEmpire.dll fetcher returns errors and incorrect alters file and folder name to include folder path.
issue #477 (fix): Poster doesn't resize for Netgear
issue #489 (add): Box Set Handling?
issue #495 (fix): Exception on "Delete Poster and Backdrops"
issue #499 (add): PirateBay Torrent Support
issue #500 (add): Exempting VOB files from Video File Renaming
issue #503 (fix): Invalid Date in XML causes 7MC to crash
issue #507 (fix): Multiple episodes logic not working correctly for downloading TV shows
issue #508 (fix): Trailer glitches
issue #515 (fix): Files that included {} for their year date brackets in their title fail to parse.
issue #521 (add): Improved auto-detection of existing episodes (don't download what's already there!)
issue #522 (add): Be more international friendly with respect to T.V. download timing
issue #524 (fix): Error message when show does not exist
issue #532 (add): Download parser support for DVR-MS/WTV meta-data
issue #533 (add): Better movie detection support in the download parser
issue #534 (add): More details when a video file is detected as 'bad' in the download parser
issue #535 (add): Skip brackets in filename if the file begins with one, T.V. episodes
issue #536 (add): Skip downloading movies that already exist in the collection
issue #538 (add): More logging
issue #539 (fix): MCM Deleting download area !! URGENT !!
issue #542 (add): XBMC - TV Episode Level NFO
issue #549 (add): Enhanced MCM uTorrent Features Tab
issue #550 (fix): Id3 Tags lock up the program
issue #559 (fix): Episode Renaming is STILL broken
issue #563 (add): XBMC movie.tbn option on/off
issue #567 (add): Adding suppor for ripped DVDs in XBMC
issue #575 (add): Support for MB Friendly Season 00 folder (for specials)
issue #577 (update): MovieFone.com HTML change
issue #578 (add): Improved HD/SD detection

Peter Souza IV
stable version 2.24.11922.987 / April 29th, 2022
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