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 Post subject: Version 1.19.510.759
PostPosted: January 5th, 2010, 2:20 pm 
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Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5

Release notes
v1.19 January 5, 2010 build 510.759
  • A bug was fixed that was causing some of the options to not appear correctly when opening the preferences window.
  • Added a new adult movie fetcher plugin: cd Universe.
  • Added a new T.V. built-in fetcher: IMDB.
  • Added a T.V. series -> season -> episode drill-down feature on the main screen accessible through a chevron button near the bottom of the window. The episode drill-down makes it easy to identify episodes in your collection and to quickly re-download an episode should there be a problem with it.
  • Added a third-party movie fetcher plugin: Amazon.com API by Ashley Flynn.
  • Added the following options:
    • Auto-shrink posters for dvdid.xml -- this allows you to disable the automatic shrinking of images that are stored in the cache for the built-in Windows Media Center video/movie library. Normally these are sized down to be extender friendly (i.e.: to an Xbox 360). Turning this option off will cease new fetches from resizing the images.
    • Download all backdrops when available / Limit to only XX backdrops -- this allows you to select how many backdrops you want to download (from none, to all, to a specific amount).
    • More relaxed searching -- this allows you to prevent Media Center Master from limiting the search results to titles that appear to be matches and will simply use all results returned from a fetcher. This option is good for collections with foreign titles or for the odd title that won't fetch otherwise. It is recommended that if you use this option, that you check on the option to confirm search results.
    • Ask for IMDB ID on unknown search results -- if no results are found from any of the fetchers on a movie title and this option is checked, a prompt will come up asking you to enter an IMDB ID manually.
    • Attempt more relaxed T.V. season/episode detection -- this loosens some of the strict requirements for how TV episodes are named, such that S01 E23 and 0123 can be detected. This may cause a problem with false positives, so use at your own discretion.
    • Automatically fetch meta-data for episodes in T.V. scan folders -- this enables a kind of auto-scan that searches through your T.V. folders regularly for episodes that are missing meta data and will automatically attempt to fetch meta data for them.
  • Adjusted the default location of the cast/crew thumbnails for MediaBrowser in response to the v2.2 launch which changed how these files are organized.
  • Fixed a bug in the IMDB movie fetcher that was causing posters to no longer download.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing episode files/discs with multiple episodes to fetch over and over.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing the auto-rename of folders to crash Media Center Master.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing the display to not refresh when the right-click option 'Keep show current with new episodes' is used.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing the Title Detection Overrides to not save correctly between program launches.
  • Fixed a problem with The Open Movie Database (themoviedb.org) fetcher plugin not pulling in cast/crew thumbnails correctly in all cases.
  • More information is now provided if there was an I/O error during fetching/processing of a media title.
  • Multiple backdrops are now supported and downloaded from the Open Movie Database (themoviedb.org).
  • The movie confirmation prompt has been given a new button that allows you to enter a manual IMDB ID to load rather than any of the options you are presented with. There is a new option in the main preferences window to be prompted automatically if a search yields no results (on by default).
  • The movie confirmation prompt has been updated to present all of the results at once with a list that allows you to select a movie rather than cycle through Yes/No.
  • The movie confirmation prompt is now resizable.
  • The preferences/settings screen has been divided into three sections: General, Movies, and T.V. as we were quickly running out of room for more options.
  • When the episode drill-down is displayed, the media list view becomes wider and a new column is added: IMDB score/rating (by user vote).

Peter Souza IV
stable version 2.20.21820.1071 / August 5th, 2020
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