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 Post subject: Version 1.20.2810.936
PostPosted: January 28th, 2010, 5:10 pm 
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Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5

Release notes
v1.20 January 28, 2010 build 2810.936
  • Added download quality options for movie/T.V. torrents.
  • Added 'search term override', 'IMDB ID', and 'TV Rage ID' fields to the media organizer, T.V. title meta data editor.
  • Added support for basic scanning of .txt and .nfo files in a movie folder during fetching if no mymovies.xml meta data file exists. During this scan, if a URL to IMDB exists, fetching will automatically use the IMDB ID from the URL rather than perform a name-based search.
  • Added support for command line options /M and /T to auto-maximize and auto-minimize-to-tray at program launch (not case-sensitive).
  • Added support for foreign meta data variants of mymovies.xml, such that Media Center Master is more tolerant of data coming from other applications and will re-use meta data from those applications with more frequency and consistency.
  • Added support for post-processing movie and adult titles. A new settings tab has been added to Media Center Master's main preferences window with usage information.
  • Added "%C" as a post-processing token. This token will be substituted with the StarkCovers-compatible codec type.
  • Added support for T.V.-on-DVD episodes to appear in the T.V. episode drill-down list.
  • Added time-out options to the movie/adult title confirmation prompt that will auto-matically dismiss the prompt with the Cancel/Abort option after 6 seconds if the mouse is not moved over the window. This can be configured with a new checkbox in the main preferences window under Movies. This option helps prevent Media Center Master from blocking when a long list of movies needs to be fetched without user interaction.
  • Added time-out settings (number of seconds) for the movie/adult title confirmation feature -- the default has been raised from 6 seconds to 30 seconds.
  • Backdrop art is now viewable in Media Center Master by either hovering over the poster art or using the checkbox on the main window to disable the log.
  • Buttons throughout Media Center Master have been recolored (light blue text) if the button is not the default action for the particular window it appears on.
  • Changed the preferences and scan folder settings windows to only refresh the main window list of media titles if the scan folders have changed.
  • Changes were made to the thetvdb.com T.V. meta data fetcher so that full episode data is now being fetched including the writer's and director's names, DVD episode information, etc.
  • Different download folders are now available to configure for T.V. torrents separately from movie/other torrents. This is particularly useful if you run multiple bittorrent clients for individual purposes.
  • Extended plugin fetcher support by adding an optional 'GetSetting' method check. Currently only supports 'true' or 'false' responses from a request for 'WantExternalIMDB', which controls whether or not the plugin wants the IMDB ID (if available) passed to the 'FetchByID' method.
  • Fetching for a T.V. series will no longer overwrite valid data with empty data -- it will only overwrite meta-data fields that have valid data.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing a program crash when fetching meta data for a single episode from the T.V. episode drill-down list.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing changes to be ignored if the target meta data file already existed and was a hidden file. This was only happening under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing poster art with transparency to display a gray background.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing some titles to not save cast/crew credits.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing T.V. shows to no longer auto-download regularly. This bug was only present in subrelease version 1.19.1310.961.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing the IMDB ID # not to be read correctly for T.V. series during T.V. episode auto-processing.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing the log window to size incorrectly if the shortcut to Media Center Master was set to launch the window maximized.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing the repeat of auto scanning to cycle in hour-long periods instead of its usual interval. This bug was only present in subrelease version 1.19.1510.582.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing titles with only one backdrop art to not save the image.
  • Fixed a bug with MCM being closed while minimized-to-tray, causing its next launch to draw off screen. This bug was only present in subrelease version 1.19.1910.1046.
  • Fixed a few bugs that were causing the media organizer to prompt to save changes multiple times in succession.
  • Fixed a few bugs with auto-rename that would cause the title to not appear correctly, the episode to 'jump' to another folder, etc.
  • Fixed btmon.com and torrentdownloads.net torrent sources.
  • Fixed episode detection when a date was included in the filename.
  • Fixed several issues with the Media Organizer that were causing meta data to not save correctly, to save to the wrong folder, to refresh the folders inproperly (leading to pop-up errors), and also causing the rename feature to rename the wrong folder.
  • Fixed some T.V. series and episode detection issues and expanded relaxed episode detection for the download auto-processor.
  • MCM now remembers its window size and location across launches.
  • Media Center Master will now skip over folders that are deemed 'unsafe', such as those marked 'hidden' or 'system' or where access-denied errors would occur. This should allow the error-free use of drive roots as scan folders now.
  • Several fixes have been made to T.V. episode downloading and processing that were showing errors under unusual circumstances. Similar fixes were made during program start-up and during the list and display of media titles.
  • The built-in e-mail error reporting will no longer send e-mails to me if you are not using the latest version of Media Center Master. I am constantly flooded with errors from former versions that I have (a) either fixed or (b) can't diagnose because the code is now different.
  • The Help -> About window has been re-designed.
  • The T.V. episode downloader will now download all shows in alphabetical order regardless of their scan folder source. This makes it easier to determine its progress through a T.V. collection that spans multiple scan folders.
  • The T.V. episode downloader will now show the actual series name along with the search terms being used.
  • The T.V. episode downloader will now use the new search term override field to search with, if one is provided. This field can also be used to limit searches (such as making the search for "house -desperate" forcibly exclude the word "desperate" from searches).
  • XML files will no longer be set to hidden as this was causing some issues with network shares.

  • (Note: this version's release notes also includes all updates for intermediate releases 1.19.1210.760, 1.19.1310.961, 1.19.1410.421, 1.19.1410.720, 1.19.1510.582, 1.19.1910.1046, 1.19.2610.641, 1.19.2710.757, 1.19.610.667, and 1.19.710.1022)

Peter Souza IV
stable version 2.20.21820.1071 / August 5th, 2020
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