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 Post subject: Version 1.22.9710.725
PostPosted: March 31st, 2010, 10:54 am 
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Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5
Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5 SP1

Release notes
v1.22 April 7, 2010 build 9710.725
  • A .NET version check has been added on startup. If the required .NET 3.5 framework is not installed or its service pack 1 minimum requirement, an error will be shown and the user will be asked to download the required packages before using MCM.
  • A bug has been fixed causing trailers to not re-attach or process correctly if the movie title had an ampersand in it.
  • A thread-safe issue has been resolved when MCM automatically refreshes the list of media titles after a fetch that sometimes caused MCM to hang or crash.
  • A XML serialization bug with the new plugin system has been fixed that was causing international and accented symbols to convert to plain ASCII.
  • An issue causing T.V. series not to show up if they have a mymovies.xml meta data file in the folder has been addressed.
  • An option has been added to allow MCM to process read-only and offline folders.
  • An option to enable anti-aliasing/smoothing of posters/backdrops/banners has been added. This only affects how the images look in MCM and has no affect on the actual stored image files.
  • Blu-Ray discs will be detected and fetched like a DVD instead of a standard movie folder if the subfolder BDMV exists (similar to how if VIDEO_TS exists).
  • Compatibility has been added for uTorrent 2.x+.
  • Fixes have been made to the Sublight subtitle downloader and IMDB cast/crew fetcher to miror changes with the source websites.
  • Hovering over the poster no longer shows the backdrop. This was causing huge performance penalties and may be restored in a future version.
  • Media collection contents are fully cached now, so selecting items in the list no longer reads new meta data from the file.
  • Renaming options have been added for movie and T.V. show titles.
  • Score and Rating columns on the main window will now hide correctly when the T.V. drill-down panel is hidden.
  • Several instances of HTML tags bleeding into regular text have been fixed. This does not address the issue of ampersands appearing as &, which will be fixed in an upcoming release.
  • Support for specials and featurettes has been added. Add specials per the MediaBrowser proposed specification of "Season 0" or "Specials" subfolder using filenames such as "S00E03" or "0x03" to identify the special. Currently, only thetvdb.com supports specials.
  • The automatic updator now uses a queue window to better show its progress and activity.
  • The content rating 'NR' is now recognized as 'unrated' rather than 'unknown'.
  • The media organizer no longer requires list refreshes when titles or folders are renamed.
  • The movie downloader has been given options for skipping certain titles based on configurable criteria such as low IMDB score, re-released movies, or obscure titles that are not found at IMDB.
  • The right-click menu for the main media list has been updated with several optimizations for speed.
  • The thetvdb.com T.V. series fetcher has been updated to add the language=all query value during searching to help find some international titles.
  • Trailer downloading now occurs in a queue window that allows further processing and general usability during its use. The queue window can be paused, canceled, and have its bandwidth throttled, too.
  • Trailer downloads now automatically re-encode correctly after an automatic fetch.

  • (Note: this version's release notes also includes all updates for intermediate releases 1.21.4210.1053, 1.21.4310.888, 1.21.6710.833, 1.21.8210.1051, 1.21.8310.713, 1.21.8310.1011, 1.21.8510.735, 1.21.8910.731, 1.22.9010.641, 1.22.9110.434, 1.22.9110.704, and 1.22.9210.540)

Peter Souza IV
stable version 2.24.11922.987 / April 29th, 2022
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