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How to: continue seeding in uTorrent and parse the new downl
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Author:  nothinelse [ November 13th, 2013, 1:40 am ]
Post subject:  How to: continue seeding in uTorrent and parse the new downl

Sure thing! These 2 links contain most of what I did: ... s-scripts/

Obviously they're fairly customized to the respective author's requirements, and I had to do some customizing of my own.

Basically I just simplified them to check the status of the torrent, and if the status matches seeding, then to copy it to my MCM download parser watch directory (these scripts are fairly complex in identifying types of torrents etc but MCM does all that for me already!). I really only kept the "copy single file" and "copy multiple files" parts of the example scripts.

If you go into your uTorrent options - advanced - run program there is a summary of possible arguments to pass a batch script:

You can use the following parameters:

%F - Name of downloaded file (for single file torrents)
%D - Directory where files are saved
%N - Title of torrent
%P - Previous state of torrent
%L - Label
%T - Tracker
%M - Status message string (same as status column)
%I - hex encoded info-hash
%S - State of torrent
%K - kind of torrent (single|multi)

Where State is one of:

Error - 1
Checked - 2
Paused - 3
Super seeding - 4
Seeding - 5
Downloading - 6
Super seed [F] - 7
Seeding [F] - 8
Downloading [F] - 9
Queued seed - 10
Finished - 11
Queued - 12
Stopped - 13

So I just passed it %S as well as a few others already in the example script and did a simple check to make sure it was equal to 5 (seeding) before going and copying. Then in the uTorrent options I set it to run the script when the torrent changes state rather than when it finishes, as I don't believe seeding counts as finished, and I wanted MCM to have access to the files as soon as the download was complete.

This does mean that every time a torrent changes status to anything other than seeding (eg downloading metadata -> downloading) you get a quick command prompt flash as the script executes and quickly checks to realize it's not seeding, but if you can live with that this method works quite well. I haven't played with it too much as far as restarting uTorrent goes, whether it will trigger all seeding torrents to copy again, but I leave my HTPC on all the time anyway.

Pete - maybe you could advise on what MCM's behavior would be if it found an identical movie file in the download parser as is already in the movie directory? Would it clear it out or leave it there? Would it make a duplicate in the movie directory?

Anyway hope this helps someone out there who's aiming for a similar setup!

Author:  Tolerant [ April 23rd, 2014, 8:02 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: How to: continue seeding in uTorrent and parse the new d

I have never thought about "wanting" to seed and still move/process a download. Maybe an option to Move VS Copy would also allow this, maybe something for a feature request? Personally I would rather get a file and move it 'off' to save bandwidth and other issues, so for me, seeding is the last thing I want but I do appreciate all the seeders who seed past getting their files, bless them all ;)

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