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 Post subject: Prevent renaming folders in different language
PostPosted: June 20th, 2017, 10:09 am 
Flash Video

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I have MCM set up to rename folders and media files. However, if a movie has, I guess, an "original title" in another language (for example an anime movie like Bayonetta) the folder and files get renamed to that language (Bayonetta gets renamed to ベヨネッタ ブラッディフェイト ). Or if the movie is like a German movie for example but on IMDB it is listed under the U.S. title, it renames the movie to the German title instead.

Is there a setting that I am overlooking?

Here is an excerpt from the output window

IMDb.com:  Found #tt3306776, "Bayonetta: Bloody Fate" (2013)
MCM:  ... this is a movie:  Bayonetta: Bloody Fate (2013)
MCM:  Moving to:
MCM:      D:\Movies\Bayonetta, Bloody Fate (2013)
MCM:  [F#-1] now working on Bayonetta, Bloody Fate (2013)
themoviedb.org:  fetching cast/crew "Atsuko Tanaka"
themoviedb.org:  fetching cast/crew "Mie Sonozaki"
themoviedb.org:  fetching cast/crew "Wataru Takagi"
themoviedb.org:  fetching cast/crew "Daisuke Namikawa"
themoviedb.org:  fetching cast/crew "Norio Wakamoto"
MCM:  [F#-1] talking to IMDB...
MCM:  [F#-1] searching by IMDB ID...
MCM:  [F#-1]       #tt3306776
MCM:  [F#-1] talking to tMDB...
MCM:  [F#-1] searching by tMDB ID...
MCM:  [F#-1]       #242546
MCM:  [F#-1] Preparing backdrops...
MCM:  [F#-1] ... 10 backdrops found
[F#-1] "Bayonetta: Bloody Fate" (2013)
[F#-1] Runtime: 90 minutes
[F#-1] Voted score: 5.8
[F#-1] Actors: Atsuko Tanaka, Mie Sonozaki, Miyuki Sawashiro, Daisuke Namikawa, Tesshô Genda, Wataru Takagi, Norio Wakamoto, Yasushi Miyabayashi, Itaru Yamamoto, Takahiro Fujiwara, Reiko Suzuki, Yuuki Kuwahara, Marika Kôno, Chiharu S...
[F#-1] Genres: Animation,  Action,  Fantasy
[F#-1] Studios: Gonzo, Sega, Toei Animation
[F#-1] Summary: Based on the 2009 game, Bayonetta: Bloody Fate follows the story of the witch Bayonetta, as she defeats...
MCM:  [F#-1] No metadata file exists, created a new one!
MCM:  (this may take up to 30 seconds)
MCM:  Bayonetta, Bloody Fate (2013)
MCM:  ... media details saved using VidInfo utility
MCM:  ... completed video file inspection
MCM:  [F#-1] Saved the default movie poster
MCM:  [F#-1] Downloading and saving up to 5 backdrops...
MCM:  [F#-1] ... backdrop #1
MCM:  [F#-1] ... backdrop #2
MCM:  [F#-1] ... backdrop #3
MCM:  [F#-1] ... backdrop #4
MCM:  [F#-1] ... backdrop #5
MCM:  [F#-1] ... 5 backdrops were saved
MCM:  Renaming video, subtitle, and trailer files to match movie title...
MCM:  [F#-1] IMDB #tt3306776, TMDB #242546, "Bayonetta: Bloody Fate" (2013)
MCM:  [F#-1] Folder was renamed.
YouTube:  "ベヨネッタ ブラッディフェイト" (2013) found 15 video and audio stream(s)
YouTube:  examining streams for best quality...
YouTube:  ... best available video is SD (640x360, 8.03 MB), added to the download queue

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