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Wrong artwork in Plex, OK in Kodi
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Author:  w2irt [ January 22nd, 2018, 9:43 pm ]
Post subject:  Wrong artwork in Plex, OK in Kodi

I'm not sure if this is an MCM problem or a Plex issue, but it's driving me to drink. I prefer using Kodi, but it's having some playback issues that Plex does not have. I use MCM to grab all related posters, banners, season posters, etc, and place them in the same folder as the content. When I bring up Kodi all is well in terms of the correct banners, posters, etc. When I bring up Plex, it is defaulting to using artwork for Game of Thrones for absolutely everything. Is there a setting I can use in MCM to download different art, or place it somewhere else to make Plex happy?

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