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Season 3 episodes of Victoria 2016 can't find
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Author:  markt9 [ February 10th, 2019, 6:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Season 3 episodes of Victoria 2016 can't find

Can someone tell me how to auto-download Victoria (2016 season 3), the tvdb won't list it and I tried tt5137338 in the imdb settings without luck. Also tvrage still shows in MCM, but they've been gone for a while.

Is there another scraper that works with this show?

from the tvdb forum:

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Re: Victoria Season 3 needs to be updated
Postby MrsAngelD ยป Mon Feb 04, 2019 5:38 am

daniel_lahoz wrote:
Can anyone tell us why all request for this show has been rejected? It is nonsense. The show is already on air and you refuse again and again to add the dates.

There are a lot of applications that use this data to provide monitoring of the programs and this lack of information makes the applications useless, in fact I am convinced that many users do not know that the show already has several episodes released.

Because for some absurd reason, according to the Mods it's hasn't "originally Aired" until it has aired on the channel which produces it. Even though in reality the original air date, would be anytime an episode has aired for the first time anywhere.

See ITV won't be airing season 3 until sometime later this year and because of that the PBS air dates apparently don't exist/count.

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