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Trailer/Metadata Refresh Feature (Similar to MP3Tag in UI)
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Author:  godbodian [ September 6th, 2017, 11:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Trailer/Metadata Refresh Feature (Similar to MP3Tag in UI)

I think this could be an excellent feature.

The ability to refresh/fetch only CERTAIN aspects of metadata for batch requests.

So essentially if you run into a situation whereby the trailer link is invalid on several thousand files & folders, you have a functional means of rectifying such an issue. having this feature would also create a more efficient fetching process for files that aren't new but rather being modified.

In my using this software, that's the ONLY aspect I feel is somewhat overlooked (for my needs, at least), the continuous maintenance of the library pass the initial fetch/scrape.

This feature would in my opinion be something you of course toggle on and off, in the preferences. Preferably in the area where it allows you to toggle the setting of cleaning the file folder (I'll explain why in a moment). Then in the normal library, right click context menu, under "Fetch" at the bottom of that extended menu, there could be something called, "Batch Refresh Fetch UI".

As for the actual UI, I would think duplicating the metadata tab and placing it at the end of the tabs above the status window, would suffice. Label it something similar to "Batch Refresh Fetch UI". Place checkboxes in front of the titles for each field, that way users could check which fields they'd like LEFT OUT during the batch REfetch. So that way if they like their titles, but don't like the genres or (in my case) they like everything about their metadata except that the link the trailer is no longer valid and would like to fetch new trailers for the majority of their library.

Now back to the preferences and settings UI and why I thought it should be within the "Organization" tab. I think it should be placed in conjunction with folder cleaning. So that MCM knows to "clean up" after a refresh to assist in the management of storage space by minimizing and eliminating leftover files. I don't think that most would consider that until after they start "refreshing", thus then finding they would like the other stuff removed. With that main checkbox and the indented checkbox under it, I think you'd need one more checkbox for "in the event there is no info to fetch or scrape for a certain field, skip that field and leave whatever is present enact".

Lastly, I think you should add in checkbox at the bottom of that new tab, for Keeping Artwork (unless it's somewhere's else and I've forgot).

Sorry it's so messy. I really didn't think about it as a feature until Doug said I should place it here. (thanks Doug 8-) )

Author:  doug2h [ September 13th, 2017, 2:48 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Trailer/Metadata Refresh Feature (Similar to MP3Tag in U

A good option for "The YouTube link for "Movie" (2017) is not valid" would be a pop-up/prompt option just like unidentified Movies.

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