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Single Folder/ Series Renaming
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Author:  bobbydigital [ April 2nd, 2020, 10:37 pm ]
Post subject:  Single Folder/ Series Renaming

Even though I've been admonished in the emby forums for using MCM's scrapper I gotta say, it is the TITS, and the only thing better than the fetcher/scrapper is the auto rename feature. It saves me SO much time and actually makes finding media 1000% simpler in Plex and Emby.

My only wish (for quarantine) is the ability to run the renamer on a single series or folder, rather than everything i have in the scan folder.

The issue comes from when you have a folder with lots of TV shows and multitudes of seasons to manage. Rather than MCM scanning, querying the database (movie or TV) and auto-renaming everything in the folder, adding a singular auto-renaming feature to the right-click function would allow you to get to and troubleshoot any series or folder much quicker. Rather than having to wait for the program to wade through every single episode of Buck Rodgers (don't judge me) again, I could just go directly to the new series I was waiting for.


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