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 Post subject: Renaming movies with blank name.
PostPosted: July 12th, 2017, 6:45 am 
Xvid Movie

Joined: February 4th, 2013, 9:43 am
Posts: 32
Old problem, not yet fixed
When fetching&renaming movies, often the fetcher cant find it, so it rename the movie file and folder to a blank one.

17.07 :: MCM: [F#7] now working on Non.Bussate.A.Quella.Porta.2017.iTALiAN.BDRiP.XviD-HDi[MT]
17.07 :: MCM: [F#7] talking to tMDB...
17.07 :: MCM: [F#7] searching by title/year...
17.07 :: MCM: [F#7] Non Bussate.A Quella Porta (2017)
17.07 :: MCM: [F#7] (attempting alternate title/year search)
17.07 :: MCM: [F#7] Non Bussate.A Quella Porta (2017)
17.07 :: MCM: [F#7] talking to IMDB...
17.07 :: MCM: [F#7] searching by title/year...
17.07 :: MCM: [F#7] Non Bussate.A Quella Porta (2017)
17.07 :: MCM: [F#7] (attempting alternate title/year search)
17.07 :: MCM: [F#7] Non.Bussate.A.Quella.Porta (2017)
17.07 :: -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
17.07 :: MCM: [F#7] I have no idea what movie that is, skipping it...
17.07 :: MCM: [F#7] >> "Non.Bussate.A.Quella.Porta.2017.iTALiAN.BDRiP.XviD-HDi[MT]"
17.07 :: MCM: [F#7] No available poster
17.07 :: MCM: [F#7] Downloading and saving up to 5 backdrops...
17.07 :: MCM: [F#7] ... no backdrops were saved (there aren't any available)
17.07 :: MCM: Renaming video, subtitle, and trailer files to match movie title...
17.07 :: MCM: [F#7] "" ()
17.07 :: MCM: [F#7] Folder was renamed.

 Post subject: Re: Renaming movies with blank name.
PostPosted: July 12th, 2017, 7:39 am 
Community Support
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Joined: September 10th, 2010, 8:36 am
Posts: 2590
Location: Washington
Can you provide your Support Information and a Debug log of this issue.

Support Information
Help-Support Information, Click "Copy All", "Yes", "OK", "Close" and paste in forum

Debug logging
Help-Debug-Show developer-level debug messaging

stable version 2.19 (build 7819.742) / March 19th, 2019

 Post subject: Re: Renaming movies with blank name.
PostPosted: July 20th, 2017, 2:39 am 
Xvid Movie

Joined: February 4th, 2013, 9:43 am
Posts: 32
Support Information generated by Media Center Master:
Installation name: Media Center Master
Installation date: 20150401
Media Center Master: 2.16.11117.1299
Windows version: Windows 10 Pro (64-bit)
Windows version (raw): Microsoft Windows NT 6.2.9200.0
.NET framework information:
Runtime loaded: 2.0.50727.8784
Runtimes installed:
2.0.50727.4927 SP2
3.0.30729.4926 SP2
3.5.30729.4926 SP1
AppData path: C:\Users\m.paglioni\AppData\Roaming\Peter Souza IV\Media Center Master
AppSettingKey path: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Peter Souza IV\Media Center Master
Command line: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Media Center Master\MCMStubLauncher.exe" /skipUAC
Current path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Media Center Master
Administrative details:
User is administrator: true
UAC status: enabled
Elevation status: elevated
Proxy:(none in use)

Media Center Master preferences and settings (from registry):
AllowSlowUIColumns: True
AnnouncementsLast: 1427903635
AppendParentalRatingsToMovieDescription: True
Art_AutoResize: False
Art_BackdropWidth: 1280
Art_EnableOldArtChooser: False
Art_PosterWidth: 320
Artwork_FanartTV: True
Artwork_FanartTV_ClearArt: True
Artwork_FanartTV_ClearArt_SaveAs: clearart
Artwork_FanartTV_ClearLogo: True
Artwork_FanartTV_DiscArt: True
Artwork_FanartTV_DiscArt_SaveAs: disc
Artwork_FanartTV_HD: True
Artwork_FanartTV_Logo_SaveAs: logo
Artwork_FanartTV_MovieBanner: True
Artwork_FanartTV_MovieBanner_SaveAs: banner
Artwork_FanartTV_Thumbnail: True
Artwork_FanartTV_Thumbnail_SaveAs: thumb
AskForIMDBIDOnUnknownMovies: False
AutoFetchMetaDataForTVScanFolders: False
AutoMaximizePosterWindow: False
AutoProcess_Fetch: False
AutoProcess_Move: False
AutoProcess_ParseAndIgnore: False
AutoProcess_Rename: False
AutoProcessNewTV: False
AutoRunNewMediaList: False
AutoShrinkPostersForDVDID: True
BestSummary: Use primary fetcher's "plot" (long)
ConfirmationPromptTimeout: 30
CreateBlank: False
CreateDVDIDMetaData: False
CreateMovieNFOMetaData: False
CreatePyTiVoMetadata: False
DeepInspectVideoFor3D: False
DetectAndOrganizeSingleFileItems: True
DisableTorrenting: True
DontDownloadTVBefore: 01/03/2015 15:53:55
DontSaveWorkingCache: True
DontTryToElevateUAC: False
Download_ParserInTestMode: False
DownloadAllBackdrops: False
DownloadCastThumbs: True
DownloadCrewThumbs: True
Downloader_AcceptArchives: False
Downloader_AgeThreshold: 4
Downloader_AllowAVI: True
Downloader_AllowFLV: False
Downloader_AllowMKV: True
Downloader_AllowMP4: True
Downloader_AllowMPG: False
Downloader_AllowWMV: False
Downloader_AvoidSubs: True
Downloader_Avoidx264: False
Downloader_CleanUp: False
Downloader_ExtractArchives: False
Downloader_InspectTrackers: False
Downloader_Movie_720HD_SizeMin: 1.750.000.000
Downloader_Movie_SD_SizeMax: 1.500.000.000
Downloader_Movie_SD_SizeMin: 400.000.000
Downloader_MovieAllowForeign: False
Downloader_MovieExcludeTerms: cam r5 ts telesync webscr* dvdscr* scr dubbed german fr french dutch* swesub* vosfr nlsubs nl_subs dvd4 dvd5 dvd9
Downloader_MovieExcludeTerms_1080HD: 720*
Downloader_MovieExcludeTerms_720HD: 1080*
Downloader_MovieExcludeTerms_SD: 720* 1080*
Downloader_MovieIncludeTerms_1080HD: 1080*
Downloader_MovieIncludeTerms_720HD: 720*
Downloader_MovieQuality: 0
Downloader_ParserIgnoresReadOnly: True
Downloader_RatingThreshold: 4,5
Downloader_ReplaceUseBestQuality: False
Downloader_RunAtStartup: False
Downloader_Torrents_SkipPeerCheckOnNewUploads: True
Downloader_TV_1080HD_SizeMin: 500.000.000
Downloader_TV_720HD_SizeMin: 200.000.000
Downloader_TV_SD_SizeMin: 70.000.000
Downloader_TVAllowForeign: False
Downloader_TVExcludeTerms: preair flv dubbed german fr french dutch* swesub* vosfr nlsubs nl_subs dvd4 dvd5 dvd9
Downloader_TVExcludeTerms_1080HD: 720*
Downloader_TVExcludeTerms_720HD: 1080*
Downloader_TVExcludeTerms_SD: 720* 1080*
Downloader_TVIncludeTerms_1080HD: 1080*
Downloader_TVIncludeTerms_720HD: 720*
Downloader_TVQuality: 0
Downloader_UpgradeMovieQuality: False
Downloader_WantObscure: False
DualPass: True
EpisodeRenamingConvention: N - SXXEYY - T
FolderCleaner_AutoCleanOnFetch: False
FolderCleaner_DeleteSamples: True
FolderCleaner_DeleteStaleMetadata: True
FolderCleaner_DeleteUnknownFolders: True
FolderCleaner_DeleteUnknownImages: True
FolderCleaner_DeleteUnusedExternalMetadata: True
FolderCleaner_TestMode: True
ForcedTitleTag: False
HideTitleBarLicensing: False
HighlightMissingMeta: True
HTML_FastVideoInspection: True
IgnorePeriodFilesAndDirectories: True
ImagesByNameMode: New
Interval_AutoScan: 60
Interval_AutoScanEpisodes: 600
Interval_DownloadNewMovies: 86400
Interval_DownloadNewTV: 7200
Interval_DownloadParser: 1800
Interval_DownloadTorrentFeeds: 3600
Interval_NewMediaList: 7200
Interval_uTorrent: 900
LastFetchMode: 1
LicenseCache: SVAfg*******************
LicenseDetails: {Privacy Censor}
LimitBackdropDownloads: 5
ListFilter_AlwaysShowEpisodes: True
ListFilter_OriginalTitleVisibility: True
LogLimit: 500
LogTimestamp: True
LogToFile: True
ManualMovieConfirm: True
MaxFetcherThreads: 8
MCMInstallCheck: 1
MediaListSort: Title/A
Metadata_AllowFetcherKeywordTags: True
Metadata_aTVFlash: False
Metadata_Boxee: False
Metadata_DLNA: False
Metadata_Embedded: False
Metadata_JRiver: False
Metadata_MediaBrowserOld: False
Metadata_MythTV: False
Metadata_WDTV: False
Metadata_XStreamer: False
MinimizeToTray: False
MoreRelaxedSearching: True
Movie_VotedScoreSource: themoviedb.org
Netgear_AutoReduceFileSize: True
Netgear_CompatibleTextFields: False
Netgear_EmbedPoster: True
Netgear_Force_EASCII: True
Netgear_MetaData: False
Netgear_TLENID3Standard: True
NewMediaListDays: 7
NMTPathMapping: C:\Example\Path**file:///opt/sybhttpd/localhost.drives/NETWORK_SHARE/EXAMPLESHARE|
NoCommas: False
NoConfirmOnOneResult: False
NonblockingConfirmationPrompts: False
NoSpaces: False
NoSpaces2: False
OnlyShowAnnouncements: False
OrganizerShowMetaData: False
OrganizerShowOtherFiles: False
Plugin_Fetcher_Adult: TMDbA
Plugin_Fetcher_Movies1: tMDB
Plugin_Fetcher_Movies2: IMDB
Plugin_Fetcher_TV: thetvdb.com
PopupMoveWindow: True
PostProcessing_Hide: True
PostProcessing_Wait: True
PostProcessingTVEpisode_Hide: True
PostProcessingTVEpisode_Wait: True
PostProcessingTVShow_Hide: True
PostProcessingTVShow_Wait: True
Profile_Current: Movies
Profile_List: Movies||Amazon||AmazonCloud||SERIES||Anime||GDRIVE Series
ReadOnlyFoldersVisible: True
RelaxedTVDetection: True
RenameFiles: True
RenameFolders: True
Renamer_Movie: OT OT (Y)
Renamer_Series: T T
RenamerDownloadStyle: False
RespectIDs: True
RuT_EnableManager: False
ScanFolders: E:\Warez\media\Movies|E:\Warez\media\Movies_Animazione|E:\Warez\media\Movies_Eng|E:\Warez\media\Movies_Horror|E:\Warez\media\Video_Documentari|E:\Warez\media\Movies_Adult
SeasonRenamingConvention: Season {S}
SortByOriginalFolder: False
SortWithoutArticle: False
Subtitle_NamingMode: Single
Subtitles_PreferedLanguage: in English
Subtitles_PreferedLanguages: en,en
ThemedBackgrounds: True
ThumbnailExtract_Auto: False
ThumbnailExtract_Lots: False
TMDb_CountryAbbreviation: IT
TMDb_LanguageAbbreviation: it
TMDb_LanguageID: 15
TMDb_LanguageName: Italiano
Torrents_AllowMagnetLinks: False
Torrents_DisableVirusProtection: False
Torrents_DownloadDelay: 8
Torrents_MinimumEpisodeSeeds: 5
Torrents_MinimumMovieSeeds: 35
Trailers_AllowAdaptiveYouTubeTrailerMuxing: False
Trailers_AlwaysReEncode: False
Trailers_AutoDownload: False
Trailers_AutoReEncode: True
Trailers_AutoReplace: True
Trailers_MaxBitRate: 1600
Trailers_SaveLocation: 6
Trailers_TargetSize: 480 (pixels high)
Trailers_WatchOutput: False
Trakt: False
Trakt_Auto: False
Trakt_AutoAddTV: False
Trakt_AutoDownload: False
Trakt_AutoDownloadCheckRelease: True
Trakt_ReleaseDayOffset: 0
TranslateSEEtoAAA: False
TTVDB_LanguageAbbreviation: it
TTVDB_LanguageID: 15
TTVDB_LanguageName: Italiano
TV_Overrides: law and order ci*71489*4203|mash*70994*4315|the office us*73244*6061
TVAutoScanCheckMissingThumbs: True
TVFetchSeasonBanners: True
TVFetchSeasonPosters: True
TVThemeMusic: False
TVVideoBackdrops: False
UITheme: Windows
UpdateFile: Update.txt
UpdatePath: http://download.MediaCenterMaster.com/AutoUpdate/
UseAutoDetectionMode: False
UseAutoUpdate: True
UseCloudNetwork: True
UseConsolodatedGenres: True
UseExistingPosters: True
UseFetcherThreads: False
Usenet_AutoLoadNZB: False
Usenet_Binsearch: False
Usenet_CacheLocation: C:\Users\m.paglioni\AppData\Roaming\Peter Souza IV\Media Center Master\Usenet
Usenet_MaxConnections: 20
Usenet_MCMIndex: False
Usenet_MoveNZBFile: False
Usenet_NZBsu: False
Usenet_Password: {Privacy Censor}
Usenet_SSL: False
Usenet_UseMCMToDownload: True
UsePostProcessing: False
UsePostProcessingTVEpisode: False
UsePostProcessingTVShow: False
UseSecondaryGenres: False
UseWindowsProxy: True
UT_AutoForceTVDownloads: False
UT_AutoLabel: False
UT_AutoRemoveCompletes: False
UT_AutoRepair: True
UT_EnableManager: False
UT_LeaveSeedingTorrentsWithETA: False
UT_RemoteAddMagnets: True
UT_RemoteAddTorrents: True
UT_SeedUntilRatio: 0,000
VersionUpgrader: 5
WantExtendedTVStatus: False
WantMovieTorrentDownloader: False
WantNewMovieDownloads: False
WantOpenSubtitlesOrg: False
WantQueueAbortConfirmation: True
WantSmoothImages: False
WantSubtitleDownloads: False
WantSubtitleDownloads_Movies: False
WantSubtitleDownloads_TV: False
WantTorrent_eztv: False
WantTorrent_isohunt: False
WantTorrent_kickasstorrents: False
WantTorrent_rarbg: False
WantTorrent_thepiratebay_new: False
WantTorrentAutoStart: False
WantTVTorrentDownloader: False
WantUsenet: False
WantVideoDetails: False
WhatToDoWithBadEpisodeDownloads: Skip
XBMC_AlternatePosterSize: False
XBMC_API_Integration: False
XBMC_API_Notifications: False
XBMC_API_Scan: False
XBMC_ExtraFanart: True
XBMC_FillTitleFromOriginalTitle: False
XBMC_GenerateFanArtwork: True
XBMC_GeneratePosterArtwork: True
XBMC_NeverDeleteExtraFanart: True
XBMC_SpecialsSeasonHackFix: True
XBMC_Version: 12
YAMJEnabled: False

Detailed Version Information:
File versions (current + install path):
AutoUpdate.dll version: 2.30.34914.1417
MCMStubLauncher.exe version: 2.12.23514.782
unins000.exe version:
File versions (%AppData%\bin):
AdultDVDEmpire.dll version: 3.21.11117.1299
AutoUpdate.dll version: 2.31.11117.1299
ffmpeg.exe version: none
GayDVDEmpire.dll version: 3.21.11117.1299
ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib.dll version:
IMDB.dll version: 3.6.11117.1299
Ionic.Zip.dll version:
MCMIDTag.dll version: 2.16.11117.1299
MCMMKVTag.dll version: 2.16.11117.1299
MCMWTV.dll version:
MediaCenterMaster.exe version: 2.16.11117.1299
MediaInfo.dll version:
MonoTorrent.dll version:
Newtonsoft.Json.dll version:
ObjectListView.dll version: 2.16.11117.1299
par2.exe version: none
RottenTomatoes.dll version: 1.2.19713.596
Sublight.Plugins.SubtitleProvider.dll version:
SublightPlugin.dll version: 2.16.11117.1299
System.Data.SQLite.dll version:
tMDB.dll version: 5.33.11117.1299
TMDbA.dll version: 1.6.11117.1299
unrar.dll version:
VidInfo.exe version: 2.15.25315.814

Last activity (capped at 100 lines):
10.08 :: [F#5] Genre (consolidated): Thriller
10.08 :: [F#5] Studios: Angoa-Agicoa, Procirep, France 3 Cinéma, Mars Films, Canal+, Darius Films, Dharamsala, Scope Pictures, France Télévisions, Région Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, Le Tax Shelter du Gouvernement Fédéral de Belgique, Centre National de la Cinématographie (CNC), Ciné+, Région Basse-Normandie, Indie Sales Company, Indie Invest
10.08 :: [F#5] Revenue: $12,00
10.08 :: [F#5] Summary: Vincent, è un soldato francese delle Forze Speciali appena tornato dall'Afghanistan, è affetto da un disturbo da stress post-traumatico. E' stato assunto per garantire la sicurezza di Jessie, la moglie di un ricco uomo d...
10.08 :: -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

10.21 :: MCM: path of the new folder:
10.21 :: -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
10.21 :: MCM: [F#7] now working on XXXXXXXXXXX.2017.iTALiAN.READNFO.LD.HDTS.R6.XviD-CriMiNaL[MT]
10.24 :: MCM: [F#7] talking to tMDB...
10.24 :: MCM: [F#7] searching by title/year...
10.24 :: MCM: [F#7] XXXXXXXXXXX (2017)
10.24 :: MCM: [F#7] (attempting alternate title/year search)
10.24 :: MCM: [F#7] XXXXXXXXXXX (2017)
10.24 :: MCM: [F#7] talking to IMDB...
10.24 :: MCM: [F#7] searching by title/year...
10.24 :: MCM: [F#7] XXXXXXXXXXX (2017)
10.24 :: MCM: [F#7] (attempting alternate title/year search)
10.24 :: MCM: [F#7] XXXXXXXXXXX (2017)
10.24 :: -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
10.24 :: MCM: [F#7] I have no idea what movie that is, skipping it...
10.24 :: MCM: [F#7] >> "XXXXXXXXXXX.2017.iTALiAN.READNFO.LD.HDTS.R6.XviD-CriMiNaL[MT]"
10.24 :: MCM: [F#7] No available poster
10.24 :: MCM: [F#7] Downloading and saving up to 5 backdrops...
10.24 :: MCM: [F#7] ... no backdrops were saved (there aren't any available)
10.24 :: MCM: Renaming video, subtitle, and trailer files to match movie title...
10.24 :: MCM: [F#7] "" ()
10.25 :: MCM: [F#7] Folder was renamed.

I replaced path and title name with XXXXXXXXXXX
If you need it, i'll send in pvt
The point is that with the "I have no idea what movie that is, skipping it.." MCM is not really skipping it, but renaming it "" ()

 Post subject: Re: Renaming movies with blank name.
PostPosted: December 16th, 2017, 11:47 am 
Xvid Movie

Joined: February 4th, 2013, 9:43 am
Posts: 32
This bug is really bad, it's there for months, it's reported in the issue traker, it has a simple fix (if name is blank, dont rename folder and file).

Why no fix?
Is there anyone working on MCM anymore?

 Post subject: Re: Renaming movies with blank name.
PostPosted: January 19th, 2018, 5:18 am 
Xvid Movie

Joined: February 4th, 2013, 9:43 am
Posts: 32
6 Months for this nasty bug and no word or fix :(

 Post subject: Re: Renaming movies with blank name.  [SOLVED]
PostPosted: February 8th, 2018, 3:02 am 
Xvid Movie

Joined: February 4th, 2013, 9:43 am
Posts: 32
It seems fixed now. It does not happens since one of the latest patches.

 Post subject: Re: Renaming movies with blank name.
PostPosted: February 8th, 2018, 11:10 am 
User avatar

Joined: May 1st, 2009, 10:12 am
Posts: 11535
Location: Meridian, ID, USA
Sounds like you had an old version of the IMDb fetcher source and you had the TMDb fetcher source disabled. Glad it's fixed for you!

Peter Souza IV
stable version 2.19.7819.742 / March 19th, 2019
Media Center Master on Facebook!

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