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strange behavior with "autorename all files" and "rename"
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Author:  Kedryn [ November 27th, 2019, 3:14 am ]
Post subject:  strange behavior with "autorename all files" and "rename"

It's been some time since they start giving different results.


i have now a file in a folder with other episodes, in which there is a "FairyGone_ep_20.mp4"
if i right click it, and do a "Rename", i get:
"- S01E20 - Forest of Beginnings"
If, instead, a do a "Auto-Rename all files", the file gets renamed as:
"Fairy Gone - S01E20 - Forest of Beginnings.mp4"

In the past, this wont happen. It seems that the 2 ways of renaming a file go to different routes, ending with different results.
That's not a big problem for small folders, but mine are on gdrive, and some seasons counts over 150 episodes, and adding one every time takes forever.

Author:  Pete [ November 27th, 2019, 10:02 am ]
Post subject:  Re: strange behavior with "autorename all files" and "rename

This is an incomplete bug report. At a bare minimum, you must submit your Support Info so we can see what version you're using, with what settings, etc.

Additionally in your case it'd be helpful if not necessary to know your file/folder heirarchy. If these files aren't in a season folder, there's no way for the renamer to know the parent series in order to capture the series title (versus renaming at the series level which automatically knows its own title).

Finally, prior to renaming you should enable developer-level debug from the Help menu. Post anything suspicious here. You could also try the access/permission troubleshooter also from the Help menu on your entire series path and then paste that as well.

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