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Re: Migration to RAID 10
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Author:  lepord155 [ November 19th, 2014, 5:38 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Migration to RAID 10

How is everyone else managing their collection of hard drives? I have looked at a 24 Disk server case, but the cost is a little out of my price range at present.

Author:  Umpa [ July 19th, 2015, 3:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Migration to RAID 10

Currently in my system I use one 3x5.25" to 4x3.5" drive bay converter to hold four more additional HDDs in addition to the internal 6 HDDs. I have the room for another 3x5.25" to 4x3.5" drive bay converter plus an additional 1x5.25" slot to put a dual SSD hot swap bay converter. I use two Dell Perc 5/i RAID cards. This does limit my drive size to 2TB per drive but each card can support 8 SATA drives. Currently, my storage pool consists of 8x2TB HDDs. After RAID and formatting this gives me 12.7TB of media storage. On the other RAID card I run the OS which is a pair of 1TB WD Black drives in a RAID 1.

I already have the additional 6x2TB drives sitting in a box. I just need to buy the additional 3x5.25" to 4x3.5" drive bay converter, SSD hot swap converter and two SSD's. Then I'll migrate the OS to the SSD's and put together an additional 6 drive storage pool for more media storage. Currently none of the motherboard SATA ports are in use. However, I might put the SSD's in RAID 1 using the built in motherboard RAID support so i can create a second 8 drive storage pool and not a 6 drive pool. But that would require buying two 3x5.25" to 5x3.5" drive bay converters, dual SSD hot swap bay converter, two SSD's, and an additional two 2TB HDDs. At least I have all my cabling in place regardless of my final decision on the storage.

Other notes:
Currently the system is using an overclocked AMD quad core processor. It's stock speed was 2.8GHz it currently has been running stable at 3.2GHz for he past 9 months without a reboot. As for RAM, I am currently limited to 16GB of DDR3 at 1866MHz due to my motherboard.

File comment: The open space above the PSU could be used for a second redundant PSU. Or another drive cage. In the background. Los of servers and thin clients.
IMG_20150719_164839.jpg [ 753.48 KiB | Viewed 3479 times ]
File comment: Front view. the two empty 3.5" bays are actually a 5.25 bay that held a custom dual floppy or zip drive cage that was lost years ago. I just need to cut the plastic out to fit in a proper 5.25 drive.
IMG_20150719_165026.jpg [ 973.78 KiB | Viewed 3479 times ]
File comment: Internal view of HDD's and RAID cards. The Red cables are the SATA cables.
IMG_20150719_164945.jpg [ 1.08 MiB | Viewed 3479 times ]

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