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 Post subject: how do I enable my SPDIF optical port on my WMC
PostPosted: January 13th, 2013, 1:33 am 
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I have a Antec Fusion X2 Media Centre PC HTPC 4Gb Computer HDMI + Window 7 64Bit , and on the back it has an HDMI socket and an SPDIF optical socket.
What I want to do is run my projector off the HDMI socket and 5.1 audio from a Denon sound sound amp via the SPDIF /fibre . Connectivity wise is simple but in practice I get a great picture out on my projector and no sound via the SPDIF.
If I go to the computer > sound I find the virtual mixer and you can see in the HDMI volume slider a sound going up and down with the music so sound is coming out of the HDMI port but I can not find anywhere any mention of the audio o/p via SPDIF. Is there any place I need to enable this port?

 Post subject: Re: how do I enable my SPDIF optical port on my WMC
PostPosted: January 13th, 2013, 10:25 am 
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Hello there.

The problem reside in 2 seperate place. Before telling you which one, I must give you a basic instruction on audio in windows because this will change how you want to make it.

At first, you have a default audio device for all you software. WMC is, in reality, WMP. Anything you play in WMC is actually played by WMP. Thus, it default to what WMP uses (the default audio out).

The other option is codec. You probably already have downloaded many codec to play your movie. Codec can have configuration like "use spdif", which will force sound to go to spidf output regardless of what have been set in windows as default output.

Now, the first solution is to go into control panel, sound, click on optical"spdif or hdmi (if you can stream to hdmi, take hdmi), select it, right click with mouse and set as default. Now, every sound your computer will make will go through that channel. Also, configure it so you have the right number of speaker for it.

Thing is, now you can play stuff, but you might not be able to play everything. Thus, I recommended also doing the following, with an optional at the end which would change your WMC experience (make it better).

At first, remove any codec you have installed and replace them with a real unbyass codec pack: Shark 007 codec. Download the one for your os and the x64 component if you are running in x64. Install the package with default (read carefully, there is an optionnal toolbar).

After that, launch the settings 1 by 1 (theres one for 86 and one for x64) using "run as administrator". After launch, click on recommended settings (checkbox bottom screen). What this will do is configure each codec like it should be and associate all file type with WMP, thus WMC. Then, on the audio tab, you have option on bitstreaming. turn it on. click setup lav audio and enable all format. Do this on both 32 and 64 bits.

Now, you have a WMP that support nearly all file format and codec that can play audio codec and bitstream them to your amp in DTS-HD MA and Dolby TrueHD (optical cant bitstream these).

The optional part is for your whole WMC experience. I would recommend installing Media Browser.

Edit: something I forgot. If you cant see your optical port, there is 3 options.
1) Your motherboard might support only one digital output at a time (hdmi or spdif or coax).
2) It might be disabled in Bios
3) It might be hidden. Windows 7, by default, hide unused sound devices. In the sound panel, click on the white blank and check "show disabled device" and"show disconnected device". If it doesnt appear, try connecting your computer with vga/dvi cable and check if spdif appear. If it does, it's a board limitation. If it doesn't check point 1 and 2. Also, you might want to check if all drivers are installed (but since it seems to be a computer you bought, I doubt it's a problem).

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