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Photos of your NAS
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Author:  johnny_swindle [ November 3rd, 2014, 1:11 pm ]
Post subject:  Photos of your NAS

A while back (2012 to be exact) Pete posted photos of his NAS:

How is everyone else managing their collection of hard drives? I have looked at a 24 Disk server case, but the cost is a little out of my price range at present.


Author:  bal [ November 5th, 2014, 4:05 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Photos of your NAS

I built my own FreeNAS server. I only have 4 WD Red 2TB hard drives which so far has been plenty for me, but if I ever wanted/needed to expand, I got this super cheap case that has a ton of bays. It looks like I can fit about 7 more drives in the leftover slots for a total of 11. In the future, I may add 4 more 3TB drives and I can't really imagine ever needing more than that. That's an insane amount of storage for me and still leaves me with 3 bays.

I know others have far more drives in their rigs, but a simple case works just fine for me.

Case.jpg [ 97.95 KiB | Viewed 13477 times ]
NAS.jpg [ 155.41 KiB | Viewed 13477 times ]

Author:  Pete [ November 11th, 2014, 11:52 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Photos of your NAS

I fixed my image links (stopped using Dropbox).

Everyone's storage needs are different. For me, I don't like deleting stuff once I've watched it, because I re-watch a lot of media and/or leave stuff in rotations for background noise (I use a highly modified version of PseudoTV). I also prefer everything in 720p HD (or for big blockbusters, 1080p). It adds up quickly.

Author:  bal [ November 12th, 2014, 2:13 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Photos of your NAS

Very true. If I had more space, I probably would download in all 1080p and not delete stuff either. But for shows like American Idol or Survivor, we will never re-watch old episodes, so old seasons usually get deleted when the next season starts.

My NAS set up has slowly evolved on a tight budget from junk to a decent set up for me...

I started with a ReadyNAS NV+ and some cheap WD green drives when we lived in Germany and had no good options to watch American TV. The drives kept failing which eventually led me to switch to the Reds when they came out and have operated flawlessly since I got them. All the houses there are built out of cinder blocks, so everything was being done wireless. Nothing but constant buffering issues and having to restart the ReadyNAS.

Once we moved back to the states, I ran gig-e through my house. My transfer speeds on the ReadyNAS were TERRIBLE... like 10MB/s. Performing simultaneous read/write operations would make the whole unit go into convulsions. I built my new NAS with FreeNAS using a SuperMicro X9 server motherboard and 16GB of ECC RAM that I bought used from someone online. Entire set up ran me less than $400 and now get transfer speeds averaging around 100MB/s. I can read and write with no issues. Haven't rebooted the server one time since I built it a year ago.

Some day I'll save up to add more drives. I just looked on amazon at hard drive prices and can't believe how cheap they are now. WD Red 4TB drives for $169.... wow...

Author:  Umpa [ July 20th, 2015, 10:43 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Photos of your NAS

I recently posted in another thread some pictures, described my storage setup and components, and my future expansion plans. Link is here. This system is made from salvaged components from lots of different systems. The Perc 5/i RAID cards come out of two Dell servers from 2006ish that I retired for a client last year. All 14 (6 unused) of the 2TB HDDs come from old security DVR's from a couple regional offices. Despite being used these drives are great for media storage and I verified each drive with SpinRite before adding them in my system. The 1TB WD Black HDDs come from two 3 year old retired Dell Optiplex desktops. Retired due to a thin client migration at a clients medical office. I also pulled a low end GPU out of one of these systems as there is no on board video on my motherboard. The CPU, RAM, heatsink and fan came from an HP workstation which had a PSU failure caused by an office power failure. Client decided to buy new workstation. The case is an old tower from the 2000s i guess. My boss gave it to me for helping him clean out his home basements tech clutter. A project inspired by his wife. Buying 5.25 drive rails to mount drive cages in this case was an investment. Other items that i did buy: 5x 80mm fans, 1x 90mm fan, one 3x5.25" to 4x3.5" hot swap drive cage, 4x SFF-8484 cables for storage, Asrock AM3 motherboard, and most importantly MCM, Plex and Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard.

I can work on a full hardware spec list and OS plus software configs for those who are interested.

Pete wrote:
Everyone's storage needs are different. For me, I don't like deleting stuff once I've watched it, because I re-watch a lot of media I also prefer everything in 720p HD (or for big blockbusters, 1080p). It adds up quickly.

Im planning ahead for these exact reasons. Im only up to 3.5TB of media on my 12.7TB volume. Also, let me know if you need a 2012 server platform for testing.

Offtopic :
I'd like an option in the downloader settings or a separate script that would download movies with an IMDB rating of 7 or higher in 1080p if available. 720p if its a lower IMDB rated movie or if its not available in 1080p. Using the same list that MCM is already using.

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